Wednesday Brain Dump

WOW! I am SOOOOO swamped with work right now! But I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I actually wish that I had 20 more hours a week to be working on all this stuff... but since I don't... and since I LOVE spending time with my wife and kids even more, I guess I'll just have to continue at this slower pace :-)

So here's a bunch of what's going on:

Yesterday I started using Google Reader as my blog reader. For the past couple of years I had been using Attensa since it was connected to Outlook... but since I barely carry my laptop around with me any more I was falling WAY behind on my blog reading... this way I'll now have everything no matter where I go. If you haven't checked this out yet, I would strongly recommend you spend some time playing with it. I'm hugely impressed so far!

I'm preaching this weekend at LifeSpring Christian Fellowship. I'm really looking forward to this. LifeSpring is a church plant that Woodside was a part of a number of years ago. They are building their church around the "Church IS small groups" model (which I LOVE!) So I'm pumped about hanging out with them this weekend.

I'm preaching the following two weeks after that, here at my church, and then in our church from Montreal. After a lot of prayer and going back and forth with ideas, I'm going to do the same message at both of them (part of me feels like that's cheating). I'm going to do a message around my Armour of Religion posts I did on this blog. Should be really fun to look at God's word that way together.

Oh... for those of you who were praying for me when I did my first wedding on July 5th I just want to say THANK YOU!!!! That was probably the highlight of my career as a pastor so far! It was such a joy and an honour to be a part of Bob and Laura's special day. I've been praying for them every day since that God will just richly bless their lives together. I definitely LOVE doing weddings more then funerals! I can't wait for the next wedding that I'll be able to perform :-)

I'm having all the Small Group Leaders over at my house for a BBQ over the next few weeks. I wanted to just have a small group of leaders over for a time to get to know each other more, to thank them and celebrate what has gone on this past year in their groups, and to discuss ideas and plans for the years to come. I'm really excited about this.

And finally, I'm working like crazy on our integration process at Woodside. Unfortunately, this is the area of ministry which keeps getting bumped on the priority list... so I'm hoping now is the time to make it happen!

So... just a few things keeping me busy :-)


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