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Speaking in the Morning

I really when I have the opportunity to preach at my church. I don't do it very often so I always have such a great time doing it.

Way back in May when I spoke at the Youth Retreat I was personally really REALLY challenged by the message that I did on Salvation by Works... which was a look at how we create religious armour around our hearts instead of depending on the full armour of God, which only comes from a right relationship with Jesus. I've played around with this one more and more... shared it in Montreal the first Sunday of August... and now I'll close off August with this message for my church.

Praying that God will be glorified and his people really grow on this topic as much as I have.

Small Group Leader Podcast #9

Here is the latest episode of the Small Group Leader Lifter Podcast.

In this episode I look at the book of Ecclesiastes for a very very VERY familiar passage and how we can we can use that to ensure that serving in our small groups as leaders can always be a joy.


I'd love to hear your feedback on this episode. Add a comment here or drop me an email at!

Late Night Mind Dump

Can't sleep. Haven't had a good night sleep in almost a week. I hate when I get into this pattern... makes the days a little extra long when my head is hitting my desk by 3pm! I guess I have a lot on the brain these days...

Here's the short list of what is floating around my brain instead of enjoying sleep...

It looks like there are kittens living under our shed. One of them peeked out this evening during our BBQ supper. I wonder how many other could be under there... This little one was SOOOO cute. Very fluffy, grey and white kitten. I wish I could have caught her... it appears she lost her tail and it looks like it may have been infected or something. I would really like to get out there now and try to catch her and bring her to a vet in the morning... but it's pitch black in my yard so it will have to wait till morning.

Why is it that people around me keep telling me I'm doing a great job in my role in my church yet at the same time I feel like a complete failure a…

You Gotta Read "It"

On Saturday I picked up the new book by Craig Groeschel, It. By Tuesday I had completely devoured it. I loved it. It has got to be one of the best books I've read all year!

In fact, I got so much from it that I just ordered 30 copies of it from so that I can get everyone on my ministry leadership team to read it. Every church leader, whether on staff or a volunteer needs to read it. I haven't read a book that fast in a long time! So... I'm going back to it and going to really spent some quality time in it. I want it to bring it more fully into my life. I want it to allow it to help in every aspect of my life and my ministry. And above all, I want it to help it become something in me that will never go away and will draw others to it. Go. But it!

Now That Was a Surprise! Clone Wars Review

I gotta say... I am shocked and incredibly surprised at how much I enjoyed the new animated movie Star Wars: The Clone Wars! In fact, I probably enjoyed that movie more then any of the three prequel films which have come out of the past 10 years!

Now... maybe it's because I've had ZERO expectations going into this film. Let's face it, Star Wars really hasn't lived up to all the hype this past decade. The past ten years has brought us Jar Jar Binks, dim witted robots, incredibly cheesy love dialogue and other tidbits I'd rather not relive. My main objective with this movie was to have a good time with my son. This was the first Star Wars movie that we've allowed him to watch. And I wanted to really enjoy it with him.... in fact, the entire theater was filled with middle aged men and their young sons... so I guess I wasn't the only one :-) And I just loved it! I had a great great time in watching this movie. Watching Cameron spell bound by the action and…

Latest Small Group Leader Podcast Online

Here is the latest episode of the Small Group Leader Lifter Podcast. I was hoping to have this online before my holidays... better late then never :)

In this episode I look at the book The Big Idea by Dave Ferguson and how we can avoid creating an environment of information overload in our small groups.


I'd love to hear your feedback on this episode. Add a comment here or drop me an email at!

The Clones Are Here!

Tonight I'm heading out to see the new Star Wars animated movie, The Clone Wars.

And what's really cool about this is that I'll be bringing my son, Cameron, with me. This will be the first Star Wars movie we'll see together in the theater (and probably the only one!). I know... most of you are shocked that I haven't brought him to the other ones... but I am trying to be a good father and figured that a four year old didn't need to see the violence of a PG movie :-)
So I just ordered my tickets online and I'm pretty pumped to see this. I'll try to post a review later tonight.

Monday Mind Dump... Oh... It's Thursday!

What a time it's been the last couple of weeks. Who would have dreamed that our vacation would have have played out the way it did... I have about a million things floating in my head... here are just a few of them as I wait for my morning coffee to kick in!

It was FANTASTIC preaching in Montreal on the 3rd! It was so nice to be back at Westview and seeing so many familiar faces. Definitely felt like coming home!

I had a real blast spending the weekend with my buddy Steve and just getting caught up and chilling out.

I'm SOOOOO thankful that we decided to stop by and visit Danielle's dad on the way to Montreal. It was nice to see him and spend that time with him getting caught up. It's still so weird thinking that he's gone... his trips to the hospital were just so regular that no one saw this coming...

I'm incredibly grateful for the friends who came down to see us at the funeral.

I'm very proud of Danielle and her brothers and sisters for the wonderful service …

Online Tribute to Danielle's Dad

Just thought I'd post this here for those of you who have been asking...

Here is a LINK to the funeral home home where Danielle's dad's visitation will be taking place.

Thanks so much for all the emails of encouragement in this time. We really appreciate it. The Blog of Choice for Elementary School Kids

I thought this was pretty neat. Click on the image and see what level your blog is.

I'd love to see all of you...

The only problem with visiting Montreal is the fact that it's nearly impossible to visit everyone that we'd love to see. With so many friends in so many different areas (work, Becket Players, & church) it makes for a tough time seeing everyone.

So... why not show up and see me since it's hard for me to get to you :-) Come on out to Westview at 10:30 and here me speak and we can say a quick Hi and exchange hello hugs :-) You can get directions HERE.

Hope to see you there!