Cleaning IT

Last week in our staff meeting we discussed chapter 3 of IT by Craig Groeschel. Again, another short chapter, but got me thinking long and hard about a major part of my ministry.

I loved that he was quite upfront with the fact that simply looking at what other churches and ministries are doing cannot produce it. It is something far greater then something we can quickly learn in a conference, seminar or book. Now... am sure every single one of us would agree with this... however I've begun to realize that my actual working style wasn't in sync with this belief (why do I suddenly want to start singing boy band songs???)

In my particular ministry I cover a lot of very different ground. Way back when I started I was told that I'm supposed to be the expert in all of these areas of ministry, and that I report back on what we should be doing in these particular areas. This is fine... except my list of ministry area is women's ministry, men's ministry, senior ministry, small groups, welcome team, ushers, church library, integration, membership class, special seminar, support ministries, evangelism, adult Sunday school, and everything else that falls in between those things. So... how am I supposed to be the expert in all those areas??? Easy! I read! A LOT!!!

I read a ton of books, magazines, website articles and blogs. Lots and lots of blogs. And do you know what all this reading has done? Instead of helping me to be an expert in these areas of ministry I've simply become overwhelmed and more and more frustrated with each new thing that is supposed to be in every different ministry. No wonder my head is always spinning :-)

So... that is why this book was such an impact on me this summer. The remaining chapters (which we'll chat about here) really helped me clarify a lot of things in my area of ministry that I need to refocus on this year. The first was STOP READING SO MUCH. I've been cleaning out my blogroll list. I want to have that down to 5 ministry specific blogs. JUST FIVE. Then another 5 for general church leadership... or just reading blogs of other pastors trying to serve God doing this pastor thing :-) And finally, 5 blogs with things geeky like comics and movies.

I"m hoping that the loudest voice that I'll be hearing will be God's and not all the other voices out there. I'm praying that this will bring a lot more of it into my life :-)

So how about you? What have you focused on that you thought would bring it but now you recognize that it won't?


Seanchai said…
Hi there, I really appreciate you, your blog and your friendship, not necessarily in that order. I have found that my focus needs to to be on Him and not on my wants, needs , complaints, concerns and that just today I read Phil 2:3,13 and especially 14 "do everything without grumbling or complaining". When I focus on Him and not on me, then I have "it". I can lose "it" when I focus on myself. Be at Peace my friend (I didn't say rest in Peace), let the Comforter flow over and through you in Peace as you remove the dross that fills your life.

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