Expecting IT?

This week, we discussed chapter 2 of IT by Craig Groeschel in our staff meeting. A nice short chapter but a really great example of what it looks like and what it looks like when we lose it.

One little sentence in this chapter REALLY stood out to me. Craig describes his experience when he was invited by some other students to join them at their church that Sunday evening. He had spent the morning at a church that felt like "it was as if the church had died years before, but no one had noticed."

The Sunday evening church was different. There was something VERY different going on. Craig puts it like this:
Something special was about to happen. Everyone there knew it. They weren't just anticipating it; they were positively expecting it.
They were POSITIVELY EXPECTING IT! I love that! They were positively expecting to come into the presence of the living God. They were positively expecting God to move and transform lives. They were positively expecting to leave that place different because of it. Twenty years later, Craig said he still remembers certain details of the pastor's message. He was impacted by the message, that church, the people... and through them, God impacted him!

Do we positively expect God to move like that? When we come together on Sunday, or meet in a Small Group, or sit in a team meeting, or whatever... are we completely and positively expecting it??? Do we really positively expect to be transformed... or are we just going through the motions? Do we really positively expect to meet with God... or are we just sitting in a pew?

So... are you positively expecting it? I know I want to live my life like I do! It so easy to just fall into the motions of doing church. But I'm positively expecting it to happen every week! I'm positively expecting God's presence and seeing lives changed because of it.

That's just me... hopefully you'll be positively expecting it as well this Sunday! :-)


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