Looking for a Bit of Help from the IBM/Lotus Community

You know... sometimes being an ex-computer guy in ministry can be pretty frustrating! :-)

Why? Because, back in the corporate world I had all these great resources for helping our teams to work more effectively and efficiently. And I would LOVE to be able to use them here at the church... but we just don't have the money to put into these things... so sometimes I feel stuck in the 1970's and not able to move things along as well as we could be.

OK... I'm over my pity party :-)

But I figured I would throw this out there in case some of my old IBM/Lotus contacts still read this blog...

Do any of you know where I can find a free place to set up some Quickplace workspaces?? I would love to get a couple of them up and running for the church... so a couple of our teams can work together online. This would be a pretty small number of people... 20 to 30 max and I can't imagine it taking any significant disk space.

So any leads on this would be fantastic! And much appreciated!


Rick said…
Google Docs and Spreadsheets might take care of your needs.
Mike said…
Hi Kevin,
I can't help directly as I'm on the far side of the world (NZ), but there are some keen Quickr (the replacement for Quickplace) folk in the Northern Hemisphere who can probably point you in the right direction. Try contacting Stuart McIntyre who runs 'The Quickr Blog" at http://www.quickrblog.com/ and see if he can recommend something for you.
And I can relate to the challenges of the change to ministry, so all the best with that.

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