Monday Mind Dump...

What a crazy week!
  • I'm speaking at our men's retreat this weekend so I'm praying, reading and working like mad to finish this up! I'm looking forward to this... but I wish it hasn't been so crazy leading up to it. Would have been nice to have a couple of quiet weeks before hand to prepare.
  • We were out of town this weekend with Danielle's family. We went to spread her father's ashes with her brothers and sisters. Very nice weekend... but I'm sure I'm going to pay for getting home this morning at 2AM then at the church at 9.
  • GroupLink went great last week! Four new small groups created. I could never have done that using sign up sheets in the foyer. I'm so thrilled that that worked well.
  • I have a splinting headache right now... probably from the lack of sleep.
  • I'm 3 weeks late getting the new Small Group Leader podcast finished. Figures. I'm also just late on a bunch of other things as well... and I have NO clue how I'm actually going to squeeze in getting homework for seminary done this week as well. UGGHH! I just love this feeling of dropping the ball... a definite sign that I have too much stuff going on at the same time...
  • In exactly 30 days, Danielle and I are leaving for a 7 day Mediterranean cruise! I SO CAN'T WAIT!!!! I'm in dire need of a vacation!


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