Two Years!

Tomorrow is the 2 year anniversary of when we packed up and left Montreal for our new life here in Elmira.

Funny. Sometimes it feels a LOT shorter then that and other times it feels a LOT longer. Weird how that works :)

We're heading out to celebrate our anniversary as a family. It's something we started last year so that we never forget all that God has done for us in this move. Isn't that the point for celebrating? And I guess being Montrealers at heart we're always looking for a reason to celebrate :)


Chad Payne said…
Happy Anniversary! Props to you and your family for taking a risk and venturing into the unknown in order to follow God and His calling. We will have been at our church for 9 years October 1st, and that anniversary date gets more significant with each passing year. Blessings!
Seanchai said…
I'm so glad y'all are here. He's got huge plans for you and us, so strap in and look out.

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