Asking Questions in Church

This clip from the TV show Desperate Housewives is AWESOME! I admit... I never watch the show... but this is just so perfect!

How do we REALLY create an environment where people can ask the questions they have about God and about faith? Is that only reserved for special events and studies? Are we as followers of Jesus ready to answer those questions no matter where and when they hit us? Or are we more comfortable with the status quo and would rather the questions don't interrupt our peaceful church lives?

Just some thoughts :-)

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Seanchai said…
Oh man, wouldn't it be great if we were "allowed" to question? I mean in the giant sense of the word: Church, not the little one we attend. And maybe even in the little ones we attend too. Too many sacred cows to be slaughtered and too little time, I guess.

One little cow at a time, that's what Jesus did right? Even when He cleared the temple, He slaughtered that sacred cow.

That'll set the tongues a waggin' and I'm not talking unknown languages, keep slaughtering them my friend.

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