New Hallelujah

I picked up the Michael W. Smith album yesterday, A New Hallelujah, on iTunes. Yes... I said album... what else do you call music you download??? It's not a CD or MP3s...

Anyways... I'm just LOVING this music. Michael W. Smith's music has been a huge impact in my life of following Jesus. He was the very first Christian musician I ever heard of outside of the music played at church. Remember... in Montreal there's no Christian radio and the big business of Christian music is next to nowhere to be found there. His song Live the Life was a mantra that I played nearly ever single day for 5 years! That song was key in my decision that faith was more then a belief but rather a way to live!

One of the highlights of my walk was seeing Smith in Toronto with my wife and one of my closest friends. That weekend was so very special for me... then, years later, we saw him in concert again... this time bringing our 3 year old son and 1 year old daughter. It was just great!

The mix of familiar with new songs... and the inclusion of the African Children's Choir is great. I'll definitely be listening to this album a LOT over the next few months.

Man I'm just loving the song A New Hallelujah! I'd LOVE to have the worship team do this one Sunday... Check it out!


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