Vacation Tomorrow!

WOW! Hard to believe it's finally here! Tomorrow my beautiful wife and I will be leaving for our 7 night Mediterranean cruise! We booked this trip over a year ago so it really feels like a long time coming. And because we didn't get any vacation this summer this trip is even more important to get some great rest and relaxation.

This map shows where we'll be stopping. I am so incredibly excited to see Rome! That has been a lifelong dream to get there. I'm also hoping that on Sunday we can find some little church in France to visit. Something with monks and chanting would be COOL!

We fly out tomorrow. I'm not bringing any cell phone, Blackberry, laptop or anything else that could potentially get me connected to the Internet :) This week is just all about celebrating the 10th anniversary to my AWESOME wife Danielle. So... if you don't see any blog postings in the next nine days, don't be concerned :-)


May you both be blessed with an awesome anniversary, vacation and beginning to the next ten years together with His guidance.

I'll schedule a day for us to go to Loyola House after you get back and before I go on my trip.

Enjoy every moment,

Robin said…
Have a great time, Kevin! Sounds like you've earned it! Happy anniversary!

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