My Example?

The last few days I've really been hit in the head with a very simple little verse that pretty much every regular church attendee knows by heart.
Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ. - 1 Corinthians 11:1 (TNIV)
Two reasons why that's hitting me... first... am I that example??? When people see me do they see an overly passionate annoying French Canadian or do they see Jesus? Do they see someone who once he gets more church experience he'll calm down and just do church the way everyone wants it, or do they see Jesus in me who is not content with religious tradition at the expense of the lost and the broken and the hurting? Or do they see just a nice guy who's good for a few laughs or do they see Jesus laughing and loving through me? As a leader in the church are they following my programs or are they following Jesus trying to do his work in this world?

It's not about creating a following... that's for sure! But it is about living a life that reflects the life and love of Jesus... and if people chose to follow him through that then that's cool by me.

Second reason this is hitting me is... who is my example? Who do I follow as they follow Christ? There are so many great voices out in the blogosphere and podcasting world that it's easy to get lost in it. Which are the ones that speak to me the most... which ones make me want to jump out of the boat and follow?

As a pastor I really want to live a life of being an example and following good examples. And this is a little verse that I hope will have more and more of an influence in my life!


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