The Sticks Day 1

Today was just awesome!  I'm down in Ohio with the entire staff of our church for The Sticks, a conference for pastors and leaders who are ministering in small and medium size towns.  So far I'm just loving this!  

I have a ton of things that I would love to blog about this conference... but I think the jet lag from last week's vacation is catching up on me :-)  So here are a few very quick highlights.

  • The worship music was AWESOME!  I'm definitely a loud music kind of guy at this team just rocked!  Loved it.
  • Mark Batterson was excellent!  His talk really set the stage for the day.
  • Charles Hill was great.  I LOVED his points on being afraid of people and stepping ahead of God and how those two things can cripple our ministry.
  • I was a tad disappointed with the workshop sessions... I was hoping the guys up at front would be more of mediators and get people into the conversation... Instead it's more of a Q&A and they do most of the talking... maybe that was the original intention... but I didn't get that sense from everything that I read about the conference.  Oh well.  It's still an AWESOME conference so far.
Looking forward to day 2 tomorrow... but now I can barely keep my eyes open and we have a 7 hour drive home after a full day tomorrow... so I better get to sleep!


Robin said…
I just love the fact that there even IS a Sticks conference. Most of the big conferences are by big churches and there's lots of good stuff, but a lot that doesn't apply or would be done differently in small churches and communities.

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