The Sticks Day 2 Summary

Yup... I'm a tad behind... what else is new :-)

Just going over some of my notes from Day 2 of The Sticks. Man oh man, there was some great stuff shared that day!

Here's just a few of the big ideas that hit me.
  • We don't make hard choices sometimes because of the fear of hurting people...
  • Can someone who is not a Christian volunteer in our church?
  • Is it easy for someone to start serving in our church?
  • Rural churches are in bondage of religion... and need the freedom that comes from the true gospel.
  • The most difficult decisions in small town churches: church structure, protecting your family, dedicating yourself to a red hot marriage, and be willing to be hated.
  • An important reminder: "ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD"
  • We pastors need to be able to say "Follow me as I follow Christ".
  • It's about being me... and not trying to imitate other pastors or leaders.
  • The church you are leading will take on your personality. The congregation will not do what we say... they'll do what we do!
  • Churches are great at stating a vision... but we are really bad at following up with that vision.
  • We need to cast our vision over and over and over and over and over again.
  • We need to celebrate our vision.
  • We need to live our vision!
  • Churches shouldn't be afraid of culture. Paul used the culture around him to teach about Jesus. Jesus used the culture around him to teach about the Kingdom of God.

These are just a few of the points that really stuck with me. On Monday I'll be cleaning up my notes in order to put together my Big Ideas for our staff meeting on Tuesday.

I'm so glad that the entire team went to The Sticks. I thought it was a great step in building our team in our roles as pastors and leaders at Woodside.


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