Trip Highlights

So Danielle and I are back from our Mediterranean cruise and readjusting to real life :) We had such a fantastic week! This trip was definitely a wonderful experience. We try to journal some of our highlights from the trip... here is just a quick brain dump of some of my personal thoughts about the trip. In the next few weeks I hope to blog a few more details about some great experiences and people that we met.

Here's the quick list.
  • I TOTALLY love my wife! She is such a great lady and I just loved spending time just the two of us. With little kids and a crazy ministry life we don't get to spend that one one one time like we used to. This trip was a great time to just connect with one another and served as a great reminder on the importance of making time together a priority in our marriage.
  • I definitely need to get back to the south of France! I loved it there. It was just so beautiful. We had a great time there and would really love to see more of it.
  • I'm officially a cruiseaholic! Cruises are the only way to travel! Food, shows, parties, games, sports... it's all there! We spent two full days on the ship and just had a blast!
  • Rome is incredible! Our day excursion there was definitely a high. I loved the ruins and the incredibly history of the place. The Vatican was incredible! I just loved the art everywhere. The dead pope was a little creepy :-) I'd love to visit there again and spend a few days just taking in all the art.
  • On Friday we stumbled on a full blown gospel type service going on in the ship chapel. It was incredible! We didn't know it was going on... Danielle just had a strong feeling that we should go up to the chapel to pray. The singing was incredible and just filled with so much love for God and incredible energy. The pastor gave a message that I totally believe was just for me :-) It was exactly what we were hoping to hear from God on this cruise.
  • We met some great people from all over the world. Ireland, Whales, US, Canada, Turkey, France, Italy. I love meeting people from different places and different customs. It's just such a great reminder of the diversity of people in this world.

These are just a few things that pop to mind quickly... I'll be posting some detailed events later on... probably next week because this week is CRAZY! I've been home for less then 48 hours and I'm jumping in a car this afternoon for a 7 hour drive to Ohio for The Sticks conference. Then on Friday I head down to Toronto for the Promise Keepers event to hang out with my buddies from Montreal! This week I'm sure to be exhausted but I'm totally pumped for both of these events!


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