The Great Purge

My wife and I have started something in our house this week... and I'm calling it The Great Purge!

We have just really been overwhelmed with how much stuff we have.  Closets are overflowing.  Kid toys are everywhere.  Every nook and cranny of our house has just filled with stuff.


We have been going from room to room and just been purging everything that is of no use and simply taking up space.  On the weekend we completely redid our office space.  I actually want to sit at the computer now :-)  Before you could barely move in there and now it's just so organized, clutter-free and simple!  LOVE IT!!

Last night we tackled our entertainment unit.  We bought a leather binder with sleeves to store our DVDs.  So we threw away all the DVD and CD cases and put them nicely away in the binder.  Guess what?  There were THREE big garbage bags full of cases!  THREE!!!  That was all just completely cluttering the area.  Not only that but we put together a box full of old kid movies and other films to donate to charities that hopefully could be of use to others.

Our next plan of attack is the all the toys in the house.  The reality is our kids only play with about 5% of all the toys that are stacked up in their rooms in and in the basement.  They do not want or need them.  So, another big trip to a local charity will be taking place with those!  This has also encouraged us to try to simplify Christmas as well with the amount of stuff they get.

The Great Purge has been great so far!  Can't wait for the spring when we can finish the purge by cleaning out the garage and the shed!

By the way, that picture is not from my house.  It's not that bad :-)


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