Monday Mind Dump

Today I'm at home using up some of my remaining vacation days before the end of the year. I have a small honey-do list to take care... and I plan on getting to that shortly :-)

Here are some ramblings this morning while the self-cleaning oven is sending nasty small into my computer area...
  • "Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ." This one little verse has just been ROCKING my world the past few months. If Jesus is the example, and he DIED for me, then just what does that say about how I live my life? Who am I dying for? How am I imitating the life of Christ... so that that's what people are seeing? Jesus loved the poor. Loved the hurting. Loved the outcast. He spend his time with thieves and the least of these. Do I? This simple little verse is just rocking everything that I believe about the institution of the church and is shaking way out of my comfort zone! And, crazy as that sounds, I LOVE IT!

  • I'm having a bunch of computer problems here at home... had a look at it this weekend... turns out the fan on the graphic card is not working and it's getting hotter then a frying pan! That explains everything... guess it's either a new card... or a $2 fan that I just aim at the current card :-) Think I'll go with the cheaper option for a while.

  • Finished my class on Pastoral Leadership Foundations last week. I just LOVED that class! I learned so much that really inspired me and challenged me in this life God has called us to! Even though it can be hard and discouraging I could never imagine myself ever doing anything else!

  • This Saturday I'm speaking at a Christmas banquet for our College and Career groups. I love ministering to young adults. I just love their passion and potential!

  • Now that school is off for a month, I have a number of books that I'd like to finish off. I'm going to try to get through 1 book a week until mid-January. After that, I'm thinking that I'm going to take a 6 month fast from reading any ministry books (besides my school books of course!) I'm just going to take that time to read a couple of biographies and my Bible. And that's it. No Small Group books. No integration books. No pastoring books. Just want to really get into God's story... and a couple of stories of some others who have followed him to do some amazing things in our world.

  • My colleague at church, Lynette, won an iPod Touch from The Sticks conference that we all went to last month! My geeky techno blood is a tad jealous :-)


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