Monday Mind Dump

Taking another Monday off to get the house ready for hosting Christmas. Lots to do... but figured it's time for a little mind dump :-)
  • We've been continuing the Great Purge in our house. Last week I got rid of about 5 garbage bags of junk that just was taking up space. I was hoping to get to our bedroom closet today... but with so much to do I guess that is going to have to wait till the New Year.

  • Couple of things I REALLY want to be doing better at in 2009... The first is I'm planning on getting on an exercise and diet routine to drop 15 lbs. Not sure exactly if I'll do this with playing more squash or getting back into jogging...

  • The second thing is I need to be much better at taking a Sabbath. I just find that I'm not resting and relaxing nearly as much as I should be... I want to spend a lot less time in front of the TV or computer screen and get back into doing more art.... whether painting Warhammer miniatures or drawing. I just love doing things more creative and need to make more time to do this. I think taking that Sabbath rest will just really help in so many other areas of my life; with my family, at the church, and whatever.

  • I going through David Allen's book, Getting Things Done. I'm just loving this and already seeing an improvement in my productivity at the church.

  • For our Christmas gift exchange with my wife's family we all agreed that we would have to make the gift. I'm making a great gift for my brother-in-law... I gotta get it all painted up and finished today.


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