Prayer for 2009

For the past 4 years I've been doing the One Year Bible.  I try to read the passages selected for each and every day.  Sure... some days I miss... It's not about being legalistic or anything... just wanting to draw closer to God through the regular reading of the Bible.  I also like to kick start that reading time with a very short prayer that I repeat each time so that God will really work on my heart as I spend that quiet time with him.

This year was a pretty crazy, roller coaster ride as it came to my walk.  I have felt both incredibly close and incredibly far from God at different times.  I was blown away by his mercies and grace in some areas of ministry, and frustrated and hurt by his apparent lack of involvement in others.  I've both loved seminary and been overwhelmed by it.

It's very interesting to go back and look at the short prayer that I put together for each year.  I can see how God moved in each one of those years...

2005 - Passion for God's word, his people, his world and his service
2006 - Hear God clearly, direction in career and family
2007 - Build a stronger servants heart and use me to build your kingdom
2008 - Use me to do what I could never do without you

In 2009 I want to get back to basics... loving God, and loving others.  Ministry can get crazy and I don't want to be one of those guys that start strong but don't finish well.  My prayer for this year is taken from the book IT by Craig Groeschel.  This book has impacted me more then anything else I read this year.  He concluded with a simple prayer that I will pray each day this year as I seek to hear and follow God.

2009 - Stretch me.  Ruin me.  Heal me.

Sounds simple... but I'm expect God will just completely rock everything with those simple six words.  

Looking forward to another awesome and crazy year!


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