Christmas has come and gone... (Insert sigh of relief here) ... and now I begin my yearly ritual of seeking God's will and direction for my life in the coming year.

Every year around this time I like to look back at the past year, review what God has done in my life. I like to examine where did I listen closely to God and see his blessings, and where did I try to go it alone in my own strength and see things crash and burn :)

Mark Batterson has a great post on his blog on how to go about setting resolutions for the New Year. You can read it here. This is pretty similar to what I've been doing the past few years but I've never broken it down to specific categories. I really like that idea. In fact, I like it so much that as soon as I'm done writing this post I'm going to refill my coffee mug and spend an hour or so in quiet time and prayer and put some of the ideas that come to me down on paper... well... that is if the kids will give me an hour :)

This Sunday I'm speaking at our church. I'll be talking on Resolutions there as well. I have a few ideas of where I would like this to go... Originally I was going to do a big push on Bible reading and getting into a Small Group... but the senior pastor covered that idea great last Sunday so that narrows down my ideas which is great :)


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