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Hulk vs Wolverine ROCKS!

Picked up the new Marvel Animation DVD "HULK Vs".  Watched the first disk "HULK vs Wolverine" during lunch...  and man oh man was it ever awesome!!!
First off, I just gotta say how much I love these Marvel animated movies!  All of them, even the Young Avengers, have just been great so far!  I love cartoons... and I do find there is something missing with all animated movies going the digital/computer format... I find this more traditional approach to animation really brings the comic book to life!
Now... Hulk vs Wolverine is short.... I mean REALLY short... only 37 minutes.  But it's 37 minutes of non-stop Hulk-Smashing, Wolverine-Slashing action!  Love it!  They touch on a huge amount of Wolverine's origin... some of which looks quite similar to the new Wolverine movie coming out.
This DVD is definitely worth it for the geek out factor!  In fact, I can't wait to watch disk 2 and see the green guy take on Thor!

Newbie Pator Name Change??

Today I had lunch with a friend of mine who also provides a lot of spiritual wisdom and guidance as I follow God's direction and do this pastor thing.
He mentioned something of interest that I thought I'd throw out there... he thought it was time that I change the name of my blog.  He had a number of reasons.  The main fact is, I'm not really a newbie at this pastor thing anymore... I've been doing it for nearly two and a half years.  Also, by calling myself a "newbie" I'm kind of shooting myself down and some wouldn't take the blog seriously...
Hmmmm... never thought of that.
I countered that the reason for the name was, that no matter how long God calls me to be a pastor, I'll probably ALWAYS feel like a newbie!  The reality is, the more I get to know God and the more I think I understand him in reality I know and understand him even less!  In fact, I'm of the mindset that if I ever start talking like I have my theology perfect, or that my way …

Monday Mind Dump

Monday morning... coffee in hand... reflecting on life, the universe and everything else in between...
Still stunned that my blog's number one search engine referrer is "pastor's birthday party".  By leaps and bounds higher then any other way people are finding this blog.  I guess I'll have to update my list of suggested birthday party ideas for pastors... maybe I'll do that later today :-)

Had a really nice relaxing visit up at my mom's place this past weekend.  My step-dad turned 60 so we went up for the party.  Great to chill out.  Went snowmobiling!  Gotta get one of those one of these decades!  Also sat out in the hot tub.  Nothing like jumping outside in a bathing suit when it's -34 Celsius!  But man oh man it felt great to just sit in there.

While riding the snowmobile I just had some great prayer time with God.  Thanking him for the snow and ice and the opportunity to just be out in the middle of a frozen lake and praising him.  Then I'd hit …

Clarify the Win

The staff here at Woodside have started reading Seven Practices of Effective Ministry by Andy Stanley, Reggie Joiner and Lane Jones.  I've gone through it a few times already and it's certainly hitting home with what I've been trying to see happen in the area of integration and discipleship here.
As we begin our discussions on this book I find I have a LOT more questions then answers to bring ot the table...  stuff like: What is a "win" for an adult at Woodside?Do we need/have multiple wins for different types of people?What is the primary purpose of the Small Group ministry?  Do we truly want to be a church OF small groups or have we accepted a church WITH small groups?What is the purpose of men's and women's ministries?  Do they complement small groups or do they compete for leaders/time/resources?What is the purpose of Adult Bible Fellowships (Adult Sunday school)?  Again, do they distract from our win?Which adult ministries are best part of our integrat…

Sticky Church

Just finished reading Sticky Church by Larry Osborne.  In fact I read it in just over 24 hours, I new record :-)  I started it yesterday morning and finished it a few minutes ago.
I loved his presentation of the idea of closing the back door of the church through meaningful relationships with the people in the church.  I'm DEFINTELY a relationship kind of guy and this hit a strong cord with me.  I would, however, be very interested to hear from a more conservative introverted type person to see if it spoke the same way to them...
A lot of what he had to say has really aligned itself with the other reading I've been doing lately... so I wonder what God is trying to tell me :-)
This book was the homework for the discussion time at the next Small Group Network that I'm a part of.  I meet regularly with a group of other small group pastors to discuss ministry in our churches.  This is a great group and has been HUGE for me in getting connected around these parts and for helping m…

Tuesday Mind Dump

Wow!  A whole week of eating well and working out at the gym...  AND I'M STARVING!!!!!
Actually... it's not so bad :-)  Actually feeling like my energy levels are getting back up to normal... if only I could get to bed at a decent time though.
So here's a quick mind dump of all the craziness that is going on. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you were not imaging things.  Last weekend I volunteered at a hockey tournament which is organized by really good friends of ours.  Now, for me, that's very weird because I hate hockey... but I love our friends so it was great to be able to kick back and hang out with them all weekend :-)  I think the real shocker was when I asked if anyone knew of an old timers league who would take a guy who can barely skate and let him play on their team because I'd be really interested in trying to play next year.  I think everyone just about hit the floor.  I like to keep people who think they know me well on their toes!

Glad Secret Inv…

The Plan Begins!

Yesterday I preached that in order to keep our resolutions to grow spiritually we not only need our convictions and our beliefs but we also require a plan and a partner.  During the sermon I gave the example that one of my resolutions was to drop 20 pounds this year and get back into better shape (yes, I know ROUND is a shape... but that's not the one I want!).
So, seeing as how I don't want to be the pastor that doesn't practice what he preaches I just signed up at Pinacle Health & Fitness to be my plan and my partner in this resolution.  I'll be meeting with a personal exercise coach in the next couple of days to get this program under way.
I'm quite excited about this... and really look forward to a year of much better health.  I should probably take a "Before" picture of me... but there's no way I'm posting that here.  NO ONE wants to see that!!!  :-)


I'm nearly completed my sermon for this Sunday.  Since I only preach a couple of times a year I really don't have a very good system in place for putting one together.  The course I took at seminary on Intro to Preaching helped... but I find with my regular work load I'm not able to stick to that format very well.  Oh well... I guess this is just one of those things that comes with more practice :-)
Since I'm preaching on Resolutions I've spent a lot of time thinking about my own life and areas where I would like to improve.  This year I'm keeping the resolutions to three.  This way it's much more manageable and more attainable then having a list of 5 or more...  so here they are in no particular order.
Drop 20 pounds.  I've been getting really pudgy around the mid section... and I just don't like it.  I starting to look at an exercise and diet plan which would help me to reach this goal.  I'm also hoping that this plan will help to get my cholest…