Newbie Pator Name Change??

Today I had lunch with a friend of mine who also provides a lot of spiritual wisdom and guidance as I follow God's direction and do this pastor thing.

He mentioned something of interest that I thought I'd throw out there... he thought it was time that I change the name of my blog.  He had a number of reasons.  The main fact is, I'm not really a newbie at this pastor thing anymore... I've been doing it for nearly two and a half years.  Also, by calling myself a "newbie" I'm kind of shooting myself down and some wouldn't take the blog seriously...

Hmmmm... never thought of that.

I countered that the reason for the name was, that no matter how long God calls me to be a pastor, I'll probably ALWAYS feel like a newbie!  The reality is, the more I get to know God and the more I think I understand him in reality I know and understand him even less!  In fact, I'm of the mindset that if I ever start talking like I have my theology perfect, or that my way of doing church is right or my view of scripture is better then the guy down the street... well... if anyone finds me talking like that you have my full endorsed permission to kick the pulp out of me!  :-)  I never want to be that type of leader.  I find it SOOOO incredibly sad that there are church leaders like that out there (and I do pray for them a LOT!)  So... being a newbie to me means always allowing the mystery of God to be a mystery!  To always consider myself a learner on this journey... who will never have it right on this side of heaven.

So... what do you think?

Is it time for a name change?

In fact, why not make a little contest out of this...  If someone can send me a really good suggestion for a new title and URL for this blog (and it has to be a URL that isn't taken...) I'll send you a copy of the book IT by Craig Groeschel.  I have one copy of it left from when I gave it as a present to all my small group leaders.  I just loved this book and I'm sure it will be a blessing to anyone who gets it.

So... send your suggestions by email at or just put a comment on this blog entry.  I'll pick a winner in two weeks, February 11.


Tim Good said…
I would say keep the name. Content is why people read, not a great url.

I personally would rather be a little self demeaning than sound full of myself..

just my $.02
Robin said…
I would suggest "geek pastor" but that's already taken isn't it...? Maybe "IT Pastor"... since you're so into "IT" right now, plus you're a former I.T. guy right? OK maybe not...

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