New Adventure!

With my first post back I have some pretty big news to announce...

I've stepped down from my position of associate pastor at Woodside Bible Fellowship to accept the role of Pastor at a small church plant just up the highway from us in Waterloo.

My time at Woodside was great and we've really enjoyed it there... but ever since coming back from our cruise in November we just knew that God was moving us out and that we had to be open to where that that was going to be...  talking about it with the elders and the senior pastor everyone is really on board with me taking on this new position.  The beauty of it is that this plant (which is a few years old now) was actually a church that Woodside people were a part of.  So this is really going to be cool to keep great relationships between the churches.

My last day is going to be March 22nd.  I'll be starting at LifeSpring Christian Fellowship on April 5th.

It's weird... being really excited about something and a little sad all at the same time.  I guess that's pretty normal :)

With this new pastor role we don't have to move and relocate.  The kids stay in the same school and we don't lose the great friends we've met here.  The church is 12 minutes away and meets in a local community center. 

Looking forward to what God is going to do next!


Seanchai said…
As we said to you, our loss is the great blessing to Life Spring, may you be used in a Mighty way to challenge and reinforce the message that he has for you.

We still owe you and your beloved a meal before you go.
Rick said…
May God continue to bless you, and your ministry!

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