Name Change Revisited


Just before I went on my technology fast and then my crazy whirlwind announcement about me switching churches, I was looking for suggestions for changing the name of this blog. You can read the original ideal HERE.

I've received a few suggestions... but with the fast and everything else that's been going on I have been able to really sit down and go over this... so I'm giving you all one last chance to suggest your name changes for the blog. You have until next Friday, March 27th. I'll pick the name that evening. The winner will get my last copy of the book IT by Craig Groeschel. Thankfully I haven't packed it up yet :-)

So let those creative juices flow!


Jennifer Shouldice said…
well, you like comic books....maybe you could play on something like that...e.g. "Transformers". You just posted a blog about the importance of change in the church, and how God constantly should be changing out lives. Maybe you could be the "Transforming Pastor" or something along those lines. It could be fun, but have a spiritual meaning.
gabybaby said…
Your new blog should be called 'the good shepherd'.

The word pastor is the latin for shepherd, and speaks to the job of caring for one's flock. This is exactly what you will be doing during this next stage of ministry ... following the teachings of Jesus, loving as He has loved, and caring for those around you.

Congratulations, you and Danielle are in my prayers.

Nancy McInnis
Anonymous said…
How about "following the voice of truth" as per your Friday Blog posting.

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