The Past 11 Days

Hard to believe just how much has gone on in the past 11 days...  Here's a brief run down.
  • I had my last day as associate pastor at Woodside on Sunday, the 22nd.  The elders prayed for Danielle and I and had us say a brief good-bye.  Cried like a baby in the first service... and was able to keep it together for the second :-)

  • We were just BLOWN away by the outpouring of love during the goodbye party that evening.  The stories that were shared about the impact we had on people's lives really REALLY touched my heart!  We were so blessed to hear all of that.

  • We kicked off our 2 week ministry break with a 3 day family vacation to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  WHAT A BLAST!

  • Doing a lot of praying for the ministry start-up at LifeSpring.  We're pretty pumped to see all that God wants to do there.

  • Doing a lot of just relaxing!  Feels great to just relax around the house and get little odd and end jobs finished.

  • Started working out with a personal trainer.  Gotta lose this gut!  Loving it.

  • Haven't been to the comic store in a month!  Gotta get there soon.  Hopefully today.

  • My wife is just awesome!  Just thought I'd share that!  :-)

  • God is great and going some great stuff in my life over this past 11 days... I've gone from terrified to excited, sad to joyful and tired to pumped up.  I know he is going to continue to do some great stuff in my heart.  Looking so forward to it.


Seanchai said…
isn't it amazing when we take our focus off our own issues and focus on His greatness that our issues pale in comparison to His ability to manage our lives.

I am so excited for you as you walk with Him through these changes.
Anonymous said…
your wife is awesome! please say hi for me!

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