Transition Thoughts - Change

Ok... I'll admit it. I like change. I like trying new things and experiencing new challenges and meeting new people and going to new places. I guess that's why I so enjoyed being a consultant. I also figure that's how the spiritual gift of apostleship plays out in my life :-)

Because I'm so comfortable with change I've developed a bit of reputation of being someone who wants to change the church simply for the sake of changing. Which is SOOOOO far from the truth! I don't believe in changing just to be cool and hip. I believe churches need to change because God is a God who is constantly transforming and changing his church. And he does that so that his church can grow and more and more people can come to know Jesus.

Last week at Unleash, Perry Noble asked his audience some pretty tough questions. First he asked "Would you give up your life so that your grand kids will come to faith in Christ?" Everyone said yes. Then he flipped it on them and asked "Now how many of you will change your church music so that your grand kids will come to faith in Christ?" And the sad reality is, it a lot of places, our musical and traditional preferences are more important to us then seeing people come to a saving faith in the Lord Jesus even our own kids!! And to me that is just not right!

I came to faith because someone tried something completely different and started a website to get video game players connected on the Internet... something that I'm sure met a lot of opposition from leaders. And because of that new way of doing ministry I came to faith in Jesus, my wife came to faith in Jesus, my kids came to faith in Jesus and our family and friends are getting to know Jesus. All because someone had to the guts to change!

Why are so many traditional mainline denominations not doing well?? I believe it's because of a refusal to change. They would rather see their church doors close down forever then do something different... that breaks my heart, and I would guess that that breaks the heart of God as well.

If something isn't working, then WE MUST change! If our church is growing only because Christians from other churches like our programs better and are coming to warm our pews then we need to change! If we are not seeing any new adults coming to faith in Jesus then we need to change! If people just seem to be going through the Christian motions and not experiencing transformation in their lives then we need to change! If our church members are not maturing in their faith then we need to change! If we're more concerned in pleasing the people in our building then reaching out to a community who is far from Christ then we need to change!

My wife and I are studying Acts together. I LOVE THAT BOOK! Talk about change! If anyone tells me that changing a church isn't biblical I point to that book. God wrote an entire book on the subject of change! God changed up everything for the sake of spreading the Gospel. When people got lazy, he sent some persecution to get them moving. He called more and more people to his mission of spreading the Good News. If God didn't want his church to grow and to change then not a single one of us would be here. God loves us so much that he doesn't want us to stay as we are... but to be changed!

So... yes.... I LOVE CHANGE! Life change in people's hearts. Life change in seeing people becoming mature follower of Jesus. Families and marriages restored. Communities impacted. And the kingdom of God expanded as far as the eyes can see.

I want to change. I don't want to stay the same. I want to grow more and more in my faith. How about you?


Jennifer Shouldice said…
Well said. I agree. I think it's hard for churches to experience change...but it's important. I'm all for bringing on the music change! :):):) Then again, when I'm 60 someday, I wonder if I'd feel the same. I hope so.
Kevin said…
LOL! I'll probably be arguing to hear more MercyMe or Third Day when I'm 60 :-)

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