Transition Thoughts - Voice of Truth

Hard to believe that this is my last day working in the church office... Still have one more Sunday, but that's going to be much more social then anything else :-) I'm at my completely cleaned off desk. Everything is completely packed and ready to be carried out of here. And I'm listening to the song "Voice of Truth" by Casting Crowns over and over again. Why? Because I'm nervous as all heck!

This change is probably the scariest thing God has done in my life. No really! I'm sure some would think that resigning from a great career in the computer industry would have been harder... but it really wasn't. When we were moving to be a part of the ministry here it was to do something that I was very familiar with and very comfortable with. Sure, it was hard to leave friends and our church in Montreal... but I knew that I could do the ministry work here. This church was very similar to what we knew in Montreal; same size, same ministry responsibilities, similar in look and feel. It felt very safe.

My new adventure is going to be very different then anything I've done before! TOTALLY DIFFERENT! I'm going to be the lone pastor in a church plant. No big fancy building. No hundreds of volunteers to count on. No huge budgets. No smooth running ministry machine. This is a total new and unknown path.

And the voice in my head wants to tell me that I can't do this. The voice wants me to think that I'm not gifted enough, or talented enough or educated enough. And this voice can scare the day-lights right out of me. Thankfully that's not the voice I should be listening too!

"But the voice of truth tells me a different story! The voice of truth says do not be afraid. And the voice of truth says this is for my glory". This morning I'm choosing to believe the voice of truth! Jesus is the voice of truth and I will listen to him. This is his church, not mine. He will do it, not me. And he will be glorified, not me!

Got something going on in your life that's scaring you? Then give this song a listen and trust in the voice of truth!

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