Transitions Thoughts - SO Thankful!

Over the last couple of Sundays I have just been SOOOO overwhelmed with the encouragement and the support for Danielle and I in this transition of ministry.  I have just been blown away by the kind words, the hugs, the tears and the love that everyone has been poured out on us.

So many people have touched our hearts and our lives during our time at Woodside.  We are so grateful to God for sending us there for this season in our walk with him.  We are so thankful to have been a part of the ministry there, even if it feels quite short.

I also amazed at the number of people who have shared with me how much they've been impacted by my time at Woodside... and these are people that I've barely talked to in the years I've been there.  WOW!  God is really good!  Glad he was working in people lives through me because it certainly wasn't because of anything I planned!  :-)

Thank you everyone for your prayers and your incredibly kind words!  Thanks for the love and the encouragement and the support you've shared.  I so firmly believe that God is going to do awesome things at booth churches and we're pumped to see it happen!


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