On Friday my wife Danielle and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary! I just can't believe that it's been ten years already. How did we celebrate? Well... in November we went on our cruise... and on Friday we took the kids to see The Jonas Brothers in 3D :-) Not the most romantic but it was a lot of fun!

I truly consider myself the most blessed man on the planet to have such a fantastic wife! She is the most encouraging and thoughtful person I have ever met. She's also an absolute hoot to hang around with. I love being with her and doing things with her more then anyone else in the world.

In ten short years we've had some pretty amazing adventures. And I'm pumped and excited about what God will do in our lives together for the next ten.

Love ya Babe!


Seanchai said…
congrats, hey you clean up pretty good eh? here's to many more.

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