Living with Confidence

This Sunday I'm wrapping up our Resurrection series with a look at 1 Corinthians 15.  It's pretty interesting started in a new church that already has it's preaching schedule put together... for the next couple of months all the topics have already been chosen :)

I'm having a great time studying this and one pretty big truth is hitting me... and that is the fact that many of us Christians don't seem to be living our lives with confidence that Christ is really in control and that all our hope can be found in him.  We all do it eventually... that's pretty normal... but it just seems like a lot of churches are going through the motions of doing the church thing and seem like they've settled for the fact that they don't see lives transformed by the power and spirit of God!

And that's just sad.

We believe the Bible is true... but we live by the lies of the devil... we live with a lack of confidence in who God is and what the resurrection of Christs means in our lives today!  We believe that change isn't possible and that we're stuck in the same old same old.  We don't really believe that our friends and family around us will come to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour.  And we don't believe that our ministries can be used by God to make a wonderful difference in our world.

Ohhhh... this is getting me excited again!  Can't wait for Sunday!


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