Competing or Completing

I LOVE talking to other churches and sitting down with other pastors to discuss how our churches could be working closer together for the glory of God and have a better impact in our community! I really really do. I could do this all day, every day. I love the fact that there are some churches out there that are doing things so incredibly radically different then what I would do. I love that those churches are reaching out to communities and people who I would never be able to reach.

I was just listening to a video with Craig Groeschel, pastor of On it he says "In order to reach people no one else is reaching you have to do things that no one else is doing. But in order to things no one is doing you can't do what everyone else is doing!"


What is the difference between most evangelical churches in the area? When you really look at them... they mostly do the same thing: Sunday services, small groups, children's ministry, youth ministry, seniors ministry, men's ministry, women's ministry, vacation Bible school, Easter productions, etc, etc. Sure, the music might be a little different... the preaching style might be a little different... some of the denominational beliefs might be a little different... but they sure have a lot in common.

I get excited when I talk with leaders who are willing to step out of the traditional ministry box and trust God to bring them way out of their comfort zones to do something new to reach the people that no one else is reaching.

We need to all get together and allow ourselves to be different the way God created each church to be different. Do what God has called you to do... not what you think you're supposed to do in order to be considered a "real" church.


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