Haven't been much in the mood to blog lately...  hard to pin down the exact reasons... but I would guess it's mainly because I just seem to have SOOOO much floating around my head right now that it's incredibly hard to focus on all of it.  It's also hard to decide what to blog about and what God wants me to just sit on and have a private conversation with him and him alone.

Ever have that?  Ever feel like God is just revealing so much to you but you're not allowed to share it?  As a guy who loves to talk this is definitely stretching me!!  :)

All I know is God is working big time in my dreams.  Seems like every time I close my eyes (whether asleep or awake) dreams of the church and how we should be living our lives as followers of Jesus are just non stop!

The trick now is to continue just praying and dreaming and talking to God.  Which dreams does he want for my life?  Which dreams does he want for the church where I serve?  Which dreams are for people around me?  Which dreams are for the bigger body of the church?

I'm definitely excited to find out the answers in all this...  :)

How about you?  What dreams is God putting on your heart?


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