Doing a Lot of Praying

I truly believe that pray is the most important thing that I can be doing as a leader in my church. Prayer is the most powerful way to ensure that I'm walking closely with God and that he is truly working in my life and in the life of the church where he placed me.

It is very sad when the busyness of church ministry seems to squeeze out that quiet and personal time with God. Why does that happen? I talk with so many leaders who really struggle with making that time with God a priority in their lives. It happens easily in my life... too many late nights ready ministry books or going to meetings or meeting with people... and then suddenly I'm sleeping in and not starting the next day on my knees in the presence of the awesome God I serve.

I'm more and more determined to make this time with God the priority. In fact, I'm going to be guarding that time even more! No early meetings. No breakfasts with people. I'm busy. I've got appointments booked with the creator of the universe every morning... he trumps everyone :)

I'm also, each morning, praying by name for every person in my church. Sure, you're saying, that's easy for me to say since we're a little church... but I'm truly committed to the fact that life change will not happen in everyone's life unless they are prayed for daily! And if God grows this church, then that just means that I'll be spending even more time with him every morning. All in all, that sounds like a win-win scenario to me :)

I'm pretty pumped with all that God is doing already... and I'm sure spending even more time with him in prayer will do even more then I could ever accomplish on my own!


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