Did I mention that I LOVE the fact that I don't preach every single Sunday at our church? If I didn't... well... I do! :)

By only preaching 50% of the our Sundays I find I'm able to spend so much more time working on the vision and mission of the church. I'm able to meet more regularly with our leaders. I'm able to make so many more connections in the community, like other churches and ministries and social service groups. I absolutely love this! And the fact that LifeSpring has some great relationship with other churches and ministries is a huge blessing when they come and participate in our Sunday Celebrations, either by teaching or leading worship.

Since I'm not preaching for the next two weeks I'm going through a reading explosion! I've got multiple books on cell church ministry that I've been meaning to get through. So now is the time! Our goal as a leadership team is to ensure that our ministries are focused on the mission of LifeSpring and living out our values. Getting through these books in the next 2 weeks will really help in these discussions.

So, I'm doing a lot of reading and praying and dreaming over the next few days. And I'm TOTALLY pumped about all that has been going on at LifeSpring since we've started there in April. I already see some great things happening... and trusting God big time that even more amazing stuff is yet to come!



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