A Lot of Wisdom in 140 Characters

I twitter. I like it. I learn from it. I like to think that others learn from me as well :) I love the fact that I can take a simple sentence of less then 140 character in length and unpack so much!

This morning Rick Warren, senior pastor of Saddleback Church, tweeted a very simple little statement which is really rocking my devotional time this morning.
It's distractions, not doing evil, that sideline most pastors. They lose focus. It's all about the Global Glory of God. Period
That really gets me thinking this morning... what are my distractions? Am I faithful with doing the call that God has specifically for me or do I allow myself to be distraction by the million other good things I could spend time on? How do I prevent myself from allowing the distractions from sidelining the ministry that God wants to do at LifeSpring? How do I manage the expectations of people that I care about when they bring the distractions?

I think the answer comes first from a lot of quality time with God in prayer and in reading and reflecting on his word. This is the only way to discern what is of God and what could be the distraction. And secondly, as we learned from the video IT by Craig Groeschel, we need to be laser focused on our vision as a church... and we need to talk about it all the time. The vision needs to be clear and precise and everyone needs to understand it, and hopefully be excited about it.

I think the better we can be at this, the less distractions will take us out of the game of "Global Glory of God"! Thanks for the tweet Rick! You made my morning :)


Seanchai said…
I wonder if we truly understood that the significant cost of our salvation is so far beyond our ability to pay that our gratitude would far outweigh any distraction. If so, then we wouldn't need the beautiful reminders as noted in Ricks tweet(for that too would be a distraction).

Unfortunately, our current state is so focussed on what we want and not on service to the King that the distractions are many and so easy to affect our "attention" to Him.

As Keith Green paraphrased, "the very things I hate, I end up doing, the things I wanna do, I just don't do"

No wonder he was taken early.

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