Wrapping Up Our Wild Goose Chase

This Sunday at LifeSpring we're wrapping up our series "Wild Goose Chase" based on the book by Mark Batterson.

This series has been INCREDIBLY exciting for me. It's been a real blast to teach on this topic that was so important in my own personal spiritual growth last year! It was sooooo cool to see people at LifeSpring get excited about it as well. It was so amazing to see people working through their own cages in order to start getting out of them and truly desiring to live a life of following and trusting the Holy Spirit. It was so humbling seeing people getting excited about what God wants to be doing at our church. And it just floored me that God started bringing new families to our church through this series! GOD IS SO AMAZING!!!

I just gotta shout out a HUGE thank you to Mark Batterson for writing the book and the team at Threads Media for putting together the small group curriculum! You guys rock!!!

I'm actually going to be kind of sad when this series wraps up.... it was the first full sermon series that I've ever preached! I love when God stretches me and gets me to do something new!

After this Sunday I'll be taking a 4 week break from preaching. This is so that I can chase that wild goose as we really get cracking on our leadership restructuring! I'm praying that God is going to do some huge things in the months ahead.

To everyone at LifeSpring, CHASE THE GOOSE!


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