I'm currently reading the book Ignite by Nelson Searcy.

Nelson is the Lead Pastor of The Journey Church in New York City. He also heads up the Senior Pastor Tele-Coaching Network that I'm a part of this year (by the way, if you're a Senior Pastor you REALLY need to sign up for this Network! I've been learning SO much over the past few months. You can do that here.)

I'm really loving this book on the importance of evangelism and how to be more effective at equipping and preparing our churches to reach more and more people. Nelson really hits the nail on the head when he reminds us that, as senior pastors, the temperature of our church's evangelism falls on us. If we are not evangelistic and reaching out to people in our communities, then neither will our church. I love this quote:

Make sure you haven't become so consumed with doing church that you have left the work of bringing in the unsaved to the people in your congregation.

Love this! Isn't that so true? We get so busy in "doing church" that we sometimes forget to BE the church! We forget that our ultimate goal is not about building our church but inviting more people into the kingdom of God.

This is why I'm beginning to put much more time in my community involvement. I want to be able to share my stories with the rest of LifeSpring in order to be an encouragement to them as they do the same. I'm excited and encouraged already by the people that I've been meeting and the stories that I'm learning!

How about you? Church leader, how are you making sure that you're a part of process of keeping the evangelistic temperature of your church boiling hot?


Chad Payne said…
I just met Nelson this week in New Orleans and picked up a copy of this book. I'm looking forward to reading it. I'm looking forward to upping the ante on evangelism in our congregation, too.
Kevin said…
You're going to love it! Simple stuff and great tools to make easy changes in our churches to be more effective at reaching people and equipping people to reach others.

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