Avatar ROCKS!

Ok. It's been a LONG time since I've reviewed a movie on my blog... mainly because I haven't seen too many movies worth reviewing. James Cameron's Avatar is well worth some of my time to blog about! This movie was just plain awesome!

First off, I gotta say. I have 3D movies. Whenever a kiddie movie comes out in 3D I always make us go to the non-3D version of it. Within 20 minutes of the 3D movie I start a killer headache and just find that it does absolutely nothing to make the movie any more enjoyable.

Avatar has COMPLETELY changed my viewpoint on this technology! The entire movie is just breath-taking! In fact, in some scenes I actually felt vertigo and clutched to my armrests. It felt like we were a part of the story! This really sets the bar incredibly high for any other fantasy or sci-fi movies. Cameron has brought movies to the next level again! He did it with Terminator 2's liquid terminator, the T-1000. He's done it again with Avatar!

I've read a bunch of reviews that said that the story was the weakest point of the movie. Sure, it's a simple story and obviously predictable... but I JUST LOVED IT! It had action, humour, love, tears, and just about everything else that makes a great story! I love stories about the underdog overcoming a larger power. This definitely has that. I also really loved the flat out idea that we are destroying our planet. I'm not normally a political tree-hugger... but the truth is, our planet isn't doing well. We've been given a responsibility to care for it... and we're doing a pretty bad job of it. Avatar paints a bleak future that we've screwed up our world so bad that we have become the locusts of the universe and just consume everything we can get our hands on.

The characters were great. I just loved the journey of the main character, Jake Sully. Going from spy to saviour of the Navi People. Each of the characters really carried the story along. In a movie like this, it would be easy to just get lost in the effects, but the actors were just as great. I even forgot that I was looking at computer generated characters at one point! It just looked like actors in makeup.

Avatar is a MUST see movie in my opinion! It just doesn't get much better than that for your money buck. I'll definitely be going again during this Christmas holiday! Now... gotta find a nearby IMAX screen for my next outing.


Chad Payne said…
Watched Avatar this evening. Wow! You're right. It's does indeed rock! It's one of the most amazing movies I've ever seen.

Not only were the story and visual effects amazing, it was by far the best use of 3D that has ever been done.
Kevin said…
I'm already thinking of seeing it again!

Hope you and your family has an awesome Christmas Chad! May God richly bless you in 2010!
Joel Bennett said…
I'm up for the Imax hunt....went last night and in spite of the head ache I loved it...absolutely mind blowing. We truly do live in a I want it...I have the power to get it...so I will take it....in spite of the cost... kind of world!
Georges said…
I enjoyed it very much. Seen it two times already.

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