Why I Participate in One Prayer!

This morning I was challenged with the thought of why does my church participate in One Prayer? Not only that, I pushed even further as to why should we record my preaching message and submit it to be potentially used by other churches participating in One Prayer?

I have wonderful people in my life who stretch me and challenge me. I'm so appreciative of their love and support as I seek God in all areas of my life and ministry... and this challenge this morning really pumped me and and encouraged me.

Are my reasons for participating in One Prayer to build me up? Or my reputation? Is it so I can play with the "big boys pastors" as well? Or so I can be cool? Is it because I have big church ministry envy? Or because I have secret pastor-crush on Craig Groeschel? Great... I'm guessing now my reputation is completely shot and that's the only statement everyone will remember LOL! :)

I participate in One Prayer because it gives me a much BIGGER picture of God! Let me explain.

I pastor a little church. We have an average adult Sunday attendance of around 40. We have only 1 staff. We have no building. We have only 2 ministries, our Sunday celebration (which includes Sunday School for kids) and our mid-week Small Groups (which include outreach and service). Nothing sexy or fancy about it. We don't draw the big names or the big crowds.

We have great people who love God... who are going through life like everyone else. Who are dealing with problems like everyone else. It so easy for our problems to feel big. And we can get stuck if those problems are bigger than God in our heads...

In a little church, ministry problems can feel huge and scary. If we have money problems there's no support staff to let go, we lose the only pastor we got. If a key volunteer leaves, we lose the entire ministry. And so on and so on... We can so easily get stuck in our little problems.

And I hate that! Why? Because GOD is SOOOO much bigger than our little problems - in our lives and in our church!

When we see God for who he truly is, we can move mountains!!! When we have Unstoppable Faith we can truly experience the peace and love and mercy and grace and joy of an incredibly powerful God! With Unstoppable Faith we can overcome any issue or sin that is in our life. With Unstoppable Faith we can overcome any ministry challenge. Because GOD IS HUGE!!!

I'm praying that again this year that One Prayer will encourage my church to see God as way bigger than the things we are dealing with in our personal lives and in our ministry. And if spending a few hundred bucks to bring in a video guy (because we're a little church and we don't have video guys...) to record the service so that maybe, just maybe, it could be a blessing to other churches around the world, well, that's a very SMALL price to pay for the HUGE blessing One Prayer has been to us.

So, yes! I'm pumped and excited to be a part of One Prayer. I'm pumped to preach this weekend on Unstoppable Faith! I'm pumped to use other video teaching from around the world in June to encourage and equip us.

I'm pumped to see God's church, your church and my church and churches around the world, move mountains! I'm pumped to see the church be Unstoppable!


Anonymous said…
Your faith and enthusiasm are gloriously contagious! (Jackie)

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