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One Prayer Wrap Up

Hard to believe the month of June has come and gone! At LifeSpring we wrapped up our One Prayer series yesterday, and I gotta say it was probably BY FAR the best series since I've been at this church! Here are just a few of the highlights from the past month.Yesterday's prayer time was AWESOME. Great to hear people confessing their sins and asking for God's blessing as we begin the new At The Movies series next week.

Don't know what the amount was... but I'm guessing by the weight of the collection basket that our special One Prayer offering was more then our regular giving! Can't wait to hear how God will use that gift for his glory.

Our Celebration Pastor Intern has done INCREDIBLE work with our worship and tech teams! Sunday mornings feel like a completely different place!

The teaching during One Prayer was incredible. Craig Groeschel, Steven Furtick, Dino Rizzo and Kevin Thomas are incredibly anointed men of God! Their messages challenged and encouraged…

Back to Summit

This past year I used a Life/Ministry Coach to work with our leadership team to take the teachings from Willow Creek's Leadership Summit and make them applicable to our team and ministry.
Here's why.
As a pastor it’s not always easy to invest in the church's leaders as much as I would like to. Sending the team to a yearly conference may ease that guilty conscience a little, but doesn't have very long term impact on the lives of the leaders or on their ministry in the church. Participating this year in Back to Summit has made a huge difference in our church! Instead of being simply great motivating talks from some of the world’s best leaders, we were able to make each message applicable to our personal walk with God and to shape and strengthen our church for the future.
Working with Joel has greatly increased my effectiveness as a leader in the local church. Through our times together prepping for the Back to Summit sessions, he has been able to help me develop my minist…