Monday Mind Dump

Gotta be honest... most Monday mornings I feel like I've been hit by a truck. I've heard other pastors call it a "spiritual hangover". Maybe that's the term I should start using :) Cause this weekend was an awesome spiritual roller coaster!
  • On Friday evening my wife and I attended a pastors' dinner and conference put on by One Way Ministries. It was great to be a part of this... Being the new kid in town it was a tad awkward at first not knowing anyone... but then we found a few familiar faces so we didn't feel completely isolated :)

  • The conference itself was a preview of the Love and Respect conference which will be coming to Ottawa in November. I'm a big believer in the material covered by Love and Respect... in fact, I use the principals in all my discussions with couples. This was a great refresher of the material for me... but... man oh man was I ever uncomfortable sitting there for 1.5 hours for the first session. Maybe I had the only broken chair in the entire place... or I ate too much cheese cake before the session... but I could barely sit still for that long.

  • Saturday we had a great morning at home just relaxing and playing with the kids. Then we spent the afternoon with great friends from Montreal and we hit the Rideau Canal in Ottawa for some winter fun.

  • Sunday was a great service. Our worship team did a fantastic job. My message on I Believe in God but Trust More in Money was incredibly hard for me to preach. But God really showed up in a big way! The feedback I've heard so far has been incredibly encouraging as God works on people's hearts when it comes to their money.

  • Finally, we closed off the weekend by meeting with a young couple and walking them through some pre-marital prep. I LOVE meeting with couples about to get married. I consider it such an honour to be a part of that HUGE part of their lives. It's incredibly humbling to me that God has choses us to walk side by side with other people and to be a support to them.

Great weekend! My head is a little sore this morning from the "spiritual hangover" but I'm excited for what's going to happen this week!


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