My Week so Far

This week I'm back in my old hood of Kitchener-Waterloo to attend a course at Heritage Seminary. For those who don't know, I'm currently working on getting a Diploma of Pastoral Studies and Leadership and then I'll be taking 10 other courses in order to get an "equivalence" of a Master's of Theology. I couldn't go directly into the Master's program because I never went to university... but that's a whole other topic.

I love seminary. I do. No, really. I do. I read about a lot of pastor and how they describe seminary as "the cemetery"... and I guess I can see some truth to that. But I just love learning... and the courses that I'm taking at Heritage really encourage and grow my faith.

I do find myself in a tension though... part of me wants to learn... and the other part just wants to get out there and bring the love of Jesus to people. While I enjoy sitting around all week discussing the minute details of the Prison Epistles... a part of me just wants to cry because there are so many hurting and suffering people out there and there's so much work to be done and I just want to roll up my selves and get it done!

So my week at seminary has been great... love what I'm learning. But by 2pm I feel like I'm going to jump out of my chair if I can get out and DO SOMETHING!!! So we'll see what the rest of the week will bring :)


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