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YouVersion Updates

I LOVE YOUVERSION! It is my favorite app on my iPad. I just love how easy the YouVersion team has made Bible accessible for so many people all around the world!
A bunch of new features came out today. You can read about them all HERE.
I'm thrilled to see the YouVersion Live events are now a part of the iPad app. I've been playing around with the events to see how we could use this for our sermon notes and helping people get connected here at Greenbelt.
If you're not using YouVersion on your mobile device yet I would strongly recommend you go and download it right now! Check out and click the mobile button at the top of the page and download yours for free!

If We're Still Here on Sunday...

I've had a number of conversations with people, both Christian and non-Christian, about all the news coverage surrounding the idea that this Saturday, May 21st, has been calculated as Judgement Day by a guy named Harold Camping. And to be honest, I've kept my opinion on this matter to myself. But I do want to say something to the people who truly believe that they will be seeing Jesus face to face on Saturday... and they may be struggling with the fact that it's Sunday.
I just want you to know that God loves you!
I'm sure you're feeling very confused... I'm sure you in a place of doubt and hurt... You may be feeling betrayed or even lied to... I want to simply remind you that God hasn't abandoned you nor has he forsaken you. God loves you so very much!
Please don't let the fact that it's Sunday, May 22nd, taint your opinion of God. Please don't let it taint your view of Jesus Christ and what he did for you by paying the price for all of your…

Preach the Hard Stuff

This Sunday I'm preaching about money. I love preaching about money. In fact, I love preaching about all the tough issues in the Bible. Why? Because they make me uncomfortable. And I love when God makes me uncomfortable... that's usually when he's going to do something interesting in my life!
Last week I was away for a week class in seminary. During one of the class another pastor shared how he doesn't do any preaching on issues like sex or money because the families in his church don't want to hear those topics. And to be honest that shocked me. The idea of picking and choosing which parts of the Bible we will teach just because we don't want to upset people seems to be very unbiblical. I don't see Jesus avoiding the tough conversations because the crowds didn't like to hear that stuff. I don't see the apostle Paul avoiding dealing with hard issues to make sure that the people listening are happy with the message.
Even sadder is the reality…