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Christmas is Forgiving

Fifty Books I've Loved and Learned From - Book TWO: Man in the Mirror

All my writing time has been going into papers for school... With the semester winding down (and the fact that I need a BIG break from school) I'm back on this topic of the books that have most influenced my life. In this list of books, I'm not including the Bible. That is the book that has changed me the most... so it's implied in this list :)

When I was a brand new believer in Jesus Christ at the age of 28, to be honest, I really didn't have any clue at all what that meant... what did it mean to be a Christian husband, employee, and guy in general???

In 2001 I was at a men's breakfast... it was a real miracle that I was even at the breakfast since it was in a completely different city than where I lived at the time. I met one of the leaders there, shared my story with him, and he gave me a copy of the book Man in the Mirror by Patrick Morley. I got home that afternoon and read the entire book in one sitting! This was EXACTLY what I'd been looking for!


Greenbelt Online - You Free Monday to Help Me??

If you have between 45-60 minutes to spare on Monday, you could really help me out.

My church is preparing to launch an online church experience in the New Year. We're really excited about this technology and the potential to bring the love of Jesus to our city and around the world.

I'm looking for people who could give me some simple feedback on the online church that we're going to set up. I'm especially interested in the opinion of people who don't normal attend church... or have never experienced an online church service... No matter what you're background is you could be a HUGE help to me.

So... at noon and 7:30pm EST I will be logged on at experiencing their church online. I would love for you to join me for one of those two times. Simply sit back and enjoy the experience. Then email me at and tell me that you were there... I'll send you an email with 2 very simple questions. Everyone who helps …