Big News!

This past couple of months have been really exciting in our house. We've been making some big plans and we can finally share it.

After spending much time praying and discussing this I have decided to leave the computer industry and go into full time Christian ministry. After almost 15 years in the biz this decision was both incredibly exciting and incredibly scary. Luckily we know we're in good hands to make all this happen!

I have been going through the interview process with a church since the end of May and recently that was completed and the job was offered. And we accepted it. I've accepted the position of Associate Pastor. The start date will depend on how fast we can sell our house so we can hit the 401 and get settled outside of Waterloo Ontario where the church is located.

Leaving friends and colleagues is never easy. I've been in Montreal since I was 17 years old and made many life long friends here. I'm very grateful for the role that each of you has played in our lives. Everyone will be greatly missed.

Hopefully we'll have the opportunity to get together before we leave and say a proper "See ya later" since I'm a suck and don't say "Good-bye"!

My email address will be staying the same so we can still keep in touch that way. Also, I'm hoping to keeping this blog going on a more regular basis. I guess I'll be recording the transition from Computer Geek to Pastor Geek :) (I can't say Geek Pastor since Wayne already proudly uses that title at his site!)


Spanky said…
So tell us about the church. Reformation? Episcopal? Baptist? Methodist? Lutheran? Pentacostal? Evangelical? "Seeker-Friendly"? (I hate that term) Contemporary? Traditional?


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