Last Day

So here I am... sitting at my desk, drinking my morning coffee and I'm about to start cleaning out all my belongings. Hard to believe that the day has finally come. My last day working in the IT industry.

I've had such a fantastic ride and had the privilege to work with some wonderful people and great gadgets. I got my first job in 1992 as a COBOL programmer. Those were some pretty crazy applications we were writing in that language! They were the company who first introduced me to Lotus Notes. When the office in Houston was shut down I was trained to become the Notes developer for all North American. That was a great job! I sure racked up the air mile points for those 5 years!

From there I moved into the consulting side by landing a job with a firm who is now actually a part of IBM (I left before that happened). I moved into my current company 7 years ago as a senior consultant. Here I've had the great privilege to head up the Lotus Notes Practice, the Mobile Solutions Practice, and be the project manager for It's been a lot of fun.

So tomorrow I'm officially unemployed. It's only for 2 weeks as we get the move finalized.

For all my colleagues and friends I've made these past 14 years I wish you all the continued success you deserve! I'm going to miss you all.


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