Be Still... and Know that I am God

I gotta admit... I'm not very good at being still! I'm sure if I was in grade school I would be put on every drug that the school nurse hands out :-)

At the Purpose Driven Small Group Conference they had several workshops available. Most of these specialised in specific areas of small group ministry (groups for families, men, women, etc). One of the topics really hit a cord with me... contemplative prayer. My wife has some experience in quiet contemplation and, to be honest, I never really got it. I figured that that would be a good workshop to go to, mainly so that this could be an exercise that I could start doing at home with my wife.

The workshop was hosted by Judge and Amy Reinhold. If the name is familiar, it is the same Judge Reinhold from the Santa Clause movies. Considering that my kids watch the Santa Clause movie pretty much EVERY week all year long I took that as a sign from God that this session would be of benefit to my family :-)

The session was very interesting! I especially like Judge sharing his own personal journey in contemplative prayer. Being a fellow hyper-active, hearing his story and how God has worked on his life was an encouragement for me and how this form of prayer could also help me.

I picked up a copy of their DVD called Be Still. I only started watching it this week. It is just great. If you've been trying to get more of your prayer time or just feeling rushed and pressured all the time I would strongly recommend getting this DVD and giving it a try. I'm planning on making this a regular part of my personal devotion and prayer life. It will take some work but I'm trusting that God will help.


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