Experiencing Christ Together

I'm currently working on a small group campaign to start the week after Easter. Our sermon series around that time is going to be a study on the Gospel of Marc so I was really hoping to have something tied into that theme.

I was doing some searching for small group material on PurposeDriven.com and came across the resources put out by LifeTogether. I ordered their small group host training DVD curriculum and it was very well put together. We ran our first host training about a month ago and it was very well received by the 15 leaders who came out for it.

I ordered a bunch more of their resources to evaluate and see how we could use them. They put out a DVD series called Experience Christ Together. This series consists of six 6-week studies. The first is a six week look at the life and ministry of Jesus. The topics are The Teacher, The Healer, The Shepherd, The Servant, The Savior and The Risen Lord. The DVD and workbook provide a fantastic look into the life of Christ and help the participants to grow in the five biblical purposes that make up a high-impact Christian life - fellowship, discipleship, ministry, evangelism, and worship.

This is perfect for our campaign this Easter! I'm hoping to get at least 15 new groups going for the six weeks of the campaign. I'm praying that at least half of these groups will continue to meet after the six weeks and continue the study on Experiencing Christ Together. The additional studies focus specifically on each of the five purposes.

I really like the format of these studies. They provide everything you need in a simple format on the DVD and in the workbook. Even if you've never hosted a small group before you could host a life changing small group easily with this study. This curriculum is simple and pretty much runs itself. There is even host training for each session included on the DVD to help prepare for the study. The teaching sessions are by some of the best Bible teachers out there and really bring the ministry of Jesus to life! There are even additional commentaries if you want to get into some deeper teaching, a communion focus so you could celebrate the Lord's supper together, and worship videos.

I would strongly recommend any of LifeTogethers resources if you are looking for something new for your small group ministry.


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