No More Babies at Home

This morning my baby girl Samantha started school.

She's been so excited about starting school for the last two weeks. This morning I could see that she was starting to get nervous about it... so I let her put her stuff kitty cat in her bag to only take out during recess. That changed her mood instantly :)

Her big brother was super cool making sure he left space for her on the bus beside him. He even told his best friend that he can't sit beside him because he wants to help his sister. Man! Their mom is really raising them well! :)

So, now both our kids are in school... it's a bit of an odd feeling. Both sad and happy... Sad that they won't be home when I come home for lunch... and happy that they won't be there when I come home for lunch and can have some nice parent time. Does that make me a bad dad?? :)


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