Tuesday Mind Dump

It's Tuesday night... Blue Jays are playing the Red Sox... and just let a run get in. AND NOW A HOME RUN WITH A GUY ON BASE!!! AAARRRGGGH! Why is it that whenever I have a chance to actually watch a Jays game they stink it up. Maybe I should just watch replays the next day!

So much going on lately...
  • My son started grade one today. While waiting in line to start his day he was stung by a hornet right inside his ear! Poor kid. Not a good way to start school. He was fine within 5 minutes and had a great day after that. I'm so proud of this kid! I'm so glad his school started the French immersion program last year. I always appreciated the fact that I learned French and wanted to pass that on to my kids.
  • My daughter starts junior kindergarten next week. That means both our kids will be in school... no more babies :(
  • WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO PULL THIS BLUE JAYS PITCHER?!?!?!?! Red Sox just got another run!
  • I'm exhausted tonight! Last week's funeral was quite emotional. My thoughts and prayers are really out there for this family.
  • I start back at school this Saturday. I'm actually taking two classes this year. Nuts I know. But they are the pre-reqs for all the other courses I need to take and they only offer these classes in the Fall semester. I'm looking forward to getting back into my studies.
  • I have so much work to put together at the church! It's even hard to figure out just where to begin... I enjoy all of it... just wish I had more time available.
  • Tomorrow the carpet is being installed in our basement! I so can't wait to get this finished. I'm hoping to get all the furniture in place this weekend. Then I can move on to my next project, organize the garage.
  • So hard to believe that it's almost a year since I've been in ministry. Where does the time go???


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