Did He Really Mean "The Greatest"?

This Sunday I'm continuing in our preaching series on the book of Mark. I'll be going over Mark 12:28-34 where Jesus talks about the greatest commandment.

I'm really just in the beginning stages of the sermon. I would like to be look at the following three questions:
  1. Why even ask the question?
  2. What did Jesus' answer mean for the people then?
  3. What does Jesus' answer mean for us today?

I'd like to be able to pull out the themes of man's tendency to worship the way God works instead of God himself and man's tendency to create the complex out of the simple. Both of these are from books that really hit me hard this summer, The End of Religion by Bruxy Cavey and Simple Church by Thom Rainer & Eric Geiger.

I'm really looking forward to getting into this. It should be a lot of fun to put together and go over this topic. I'm always amazed at how when I have a topic to preach on it seems like it's a message just for me to remember and work on in my own life.


Joe Litton said…
Ah! YES, I've believed for years (all of my thinking life, maybe?) that much of religion is an overanalysis of the teachings of Jesus, various Biblical characters, prophets from other religions, etc.

Love God and love your neighbor are the same thing. If God is everywhere (I believe there is nothing BUT God ...God the Good is ALL there is), then everything and everyone is an expression of God. One cannot claim to love God if one is not at least working to love all people.

There are many, many different ways in which people around the world and throughout time have endeavored to do this better. For me, it is meditation. For others it might be ritual, or some other practice ...but whatever helps one to alleviate the myriad distractions that clutter our silly little minds ...whatever helps us remember that we are all one ...whatever helps to increase happiness and peace and love ...is good.

- Joe
Kevin said…
I bought a DVD last March called "Be Still" which was on the lost art of meditation in Christian practice. I thought it was fantastic... yet I haven't been really able to incorporate that into my busy life. I really should make it a priority to get on developping that discipline in my life.

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